This is me ... well, kind of!

A few months ago a random Facebook notification popped up from a group I thought had long since been shut down.  It was a group made up of a bunch of photography friends and it was the group that became the catalyst for the beast that has since become CHiPA - but that is most definitely a story for another day and perhaps another place.

It was fun taking some time out to go through those old posts, looking at the photos we had shared and it was interesting to see how our skills with our cameras have improving over the years.  I'm not saying I'm a fab photographer, far from it, but I think I take better photos now that I did then - I've certainly become much more comfortable with my camera and there are days when I feel like I am the boss of it, rather than it always being the boss of me.  

One of the things we used to do was set weekly challenges.  On 27 January 2014 - just over 2 years ago, it was my turn to set the challenge.  I thought about it for while and in the end the scrapbooker in me took over:  This Is Me - take a photo of a table top arrangement of things that 'are you'.    

On the 29 January 2014 this was me ... kind of.  It's the pared back version - missing the genealogist's magnifying glass, photos of family and friends and of course my precious CM albums.  

"Briana, Bowie, Barrie ... mum, gardener, caffeine addict, bibliophile,
blind as a bat (well, perhaps not that bad), girly girl, shutterbug.
Yep - that about sums me up!"

Stumbling across this photo has again sparked the desire to complete my very own "Book of Me".  It is something I have wanted to do for many years but have never found 'just the right time' or been in the right frame of mind.  I started mid last year here on Live Crop Share, but we had a family health scare that put all of us into a bit of a spin, so the book of me project was once again derailed - there just wasn't space in my head to deal with it.

Perhaps now is the time to make a start and stick with it?  What do you think ... are you ready to come along on this adventure?  Maybe the first project could to replicate that challenge from 2014.  This Is Me - a page layout a photo or photos of the things that 'are you' and of course an explanation of what it all means!

Live, Crop, Share!



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