Keep them safe

I read something this morning that brought a tear to my eyes - there are too many people in this world who suffer the pain no parent ever should, it's a pain I know all too well.

Every life deserves to be celebrated and recorded, kept safe not just in our hearts but with photos and spoken words shared with friends and families and also placed quietly and lovingly onto pages of photo albums or storybooks.

If you have precious photos on your phone that you don't want to lose and you want to keep safe, PLEASE follow these simple steps:

  1. Visit my website
  2. Set up a FREE Forever trial account (look for the green button "Sign Up Free" under the main image and follow instructions.
  3. Go to the App store relevant to your phone (Android or iPhone) and download the FREE "Forever Inc" app.  Look for an app with the Forever circle (picture below)
  4. Sync your phone to your account (using wi-fi, unless you have unlimited mobile data).
... and then let's talk about how to best protect and manage your most precious memories and ensure that even the shortest of lives is celebrated and cherished by your families for generations to come.

Live, Crop, Share ... Forever

Noni x


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